A day begins at night for me

Posted: Desember 9, 2006 in apa yg mereka bilang?

My day begins at night

a girl becomes my light

my heart beats so fast

a feeling that last and last

I sleep all night with a smile

Its an easy thing to do

that girl is in my dream

the night completely through

she whispers in my ear

her soft words i do hear

she whispers that she loves me

I know shes far from here

come be my love “she said”

but i am asleep ” I said”

come be my love ” she said”

I came, she kissed me

….and I  awoke..a new day is here



  1. Tom berkata:

    I really enjoyed reading your poem. It seemed so familiar as I read it.
    I can think of two reasons to want to go to sleep. You and Me

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